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Project Description

Private Walking Tour

We offer private walking tours in Salzburg as the paid tour section of the Free Walking Tour Salzburg. The private walking Tours cover the same sights in a 1,5 hour walk. They include most of the sights in the old town of Salzburg. On a private tour of Salzburg, however, you get to ask more questions, you get content tailored to your interests and a more personal experience overall.

Our private walking tours of Salzburg are meant for small groups who want the luxury or the flexibility of a private guide. Or for bigger groups of six people or more who can’t join the free walking tour. Free Walking tours are limited to a maximum participation of 20 people. They are meant to be for individual travelers and therefore groups of more than 5 people have to reserve a private tour instead.

If you have special interests and want a tour 100% tailored to your interest we can arrange that as well. We can inculde private photo shoots, food experiences, special topics and place. Send us a message and we will make a plan.

How much is the Private Walking Tour?2019-11-17T23:13:10+00:00

Private walking tours are €120,- for 1,5 hours. Tour could be extended to 2,5 hours. To be honest I wouldn’t recommend to do a tour longer than 1,5 hours. In 1,5 hours we cover a lot of ground and get a good idea of the old town.

How many people can join a private walking tour?2019-11-17T23:09:20+00:00

Private tours are for groups of up to 25 people. There is no minimum group size. However, the price for private tours is fixed. Therefore a private tour for a large group is cheaper than for a smaller group.


Duration: 1,5 hours

Group Size: up to 25

Price: €120,-

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